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Staff Ext. Email Title
John Andersen 218 john.andersen@bgc-albany.org Executive Director
Ron Loney 203 ron.loney@bgc-albany.org Interim Resource Development Director
Maya Perez 210 maya.perez@bgc-albany.org Director of Operations
Carrie Harrington 209 carrie.harrington@bgc-albany.org Donor Database Administrator
Samantha Jordan 207 sam@bgc-albany.org Director of Program Development
Liz Tilson-Ramirez 258 liz.tilson-ramirez@bgc-albany.org Events Coordinator
Nikki Nicholson 220 nikki.nicholson@bgc-albany.org Club Support Specialist
Emily Floyd 257 emily.floyd@bgc-albany.org Volunteer Services Coordinator
Chandler Bowman 215 chandler.bowman@bgc-albany.org 1st-3rd Grade Program Director
Tino Barreras 204 tino.barreras@bgc-albany.org 4th-5th Grade Program Director
Scott Withers 254 scott.withers@bgc-albany.org Director of Teen Services
Ryan Lamm 201 ryan@bgc-albany.org Athletic Director
Kim Baker 216 kim.baker@bgc-albany.org Assistant Athletic Director
Molly Morse 202 molly.morse@bgc-albany.org Public Health Director
Kristi Pitts 206 kristi.pitts@bgc-albany.org Bookkeeper
Matt Harris 205 matt@bgc-albany.org Director of Graphic Design & Technology

1215 SE Hill Street,
Albany, OR 97322

(541) 926-6666
Fax 541-926-0531