Ron Loney with Albany Club members circa 1969


Under the leadership of Building Chairman Rex Casey, staff and volunteers worked at a frantic pace, holding painting parties, and finishing the last needed touches to the building from September through December of 1966. As a Christmas gift to the community, the Albany Boys Club opened its doors on December 26, 1966, with 488 boy members.

“It was a fun and interesting time. We had no idea that we could get something going that would amount to anything. It was small potatoes at the start but has sure blossomed – we couldn’t have conceived then what it has turned into today.”

– Founding Board Member Russ Tripp

The original Boys Club logo was replaced in 1979 to include girls into the Club’s official logo.


  • We currently have 2,858 registered members.
  • We have a commercial kitchen serving dinner and snack during the school year and breakfast and lunch during the summer.
  • We currently feed on average 656 members a day.
  • Three staffed computer labs, art rooms, gyms, learning centers, and of course the games rooms.
  • A state of the art, two chair, free Dental Clinic. Our Clinic serves on average 390 children yearly.
  • Five full size basketball courts, along with a turf indoor soccer field that is located in our 40,000 square foot Teen Center Building.

If you haven’t seen our new additions, please stop by when you’re visiting Albany, or if you still live here.

Randy Graves
Business Manager for One Chance Foundation
“Growing up in the Club gave me the career passion to eventually head up Clubs in Vancouver, Portland and Lebanon.”

Mike Barrett
Voice of The Blazers
“Every memory from grade school to high school, involves the Club… My membership card was one of my first prized possessions.”

Brian Perlenfein
Senior Business Advisor, B&R Auto Wrecking
“I have great memories of spending time with Steve H. from Athletics and refereeing little kids soccer.”


Dr. Reid is a third generation Albany veterinarian. He has been a member of the BGCA Board for over 20 years and recently completed his two year term as Board President. In 1969, Dr. Reid became a member of the Boys & Girls Club of Albany as a sixth grader, with a real interest in joining the Athletic tackle football program. He began to enjoy the Club.

Expressing that there was always something to get involved in and always a way to stay active. He even had the opportunity to visit Seattle on a Club-sponsored trip to play football against his arch viral the soon-to-be Washington Huskies. They were also given the amazing experience to watch the newly established NBA team, the Seattle Super Sonics. We cannot thank you enough Dr. Tim Reid for your amazing leadership, generosity, effort, and time you have spent these last 20 years on of Board and last two years as Board President.

“It has been a great, albeit undeserved; honor to act as the President of the Board of Directors these last two years. I am still astounded over the dedication and support our staff, Board, and community continue to show the children of Albany and surrounding areas. I am equally astounded over the great needs of our members and their families. Their reliance on our Club to provide a safe place to play, learn, and socialize with their peers, to have meals served daily, and have access to high quality dental care resources. Children are a blessing, so too is the opportunity to serve them”.

-Tim Reid, DVM


GREAT FUTURES START HERE! Spread the news! Keep us in mind when speaking with familiar and unfamiliar faces. Tell others about the impact we make on the community. Remember us and refer others to the Club to help positivity impact more lives.


    • Annual Hoop Jam Basketball Tournament – August
    • Annual Celebration of Trees – November


Come see what all has changed and maybe what has stayed the same!

To schedule a club tour please contact The Boys & Girls Club of Albany Executive Director, John Andersen:

541-926-6666 ext. 218


Are you interested in volunteering and giving a little back?

We can always utilize more volunteers to come help out! You can volunteer in many ways. Whether it’s through programing such as tutoring, coaching, mentoring, playing a game with a member, or helping out with the several special events the Club puts on throughout the year, we are ALWAYS in need of a the extra help!


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If you have any Alumni questions, please contact:
McKena Roberts
Administrative Assistant
541-926-6666 Ext. 220

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