Age Divisions (Player age determined by age as of 8/14/21):

5-7 Year Old Coed
9 & U, 11 & U, 13 & U, 15 & U, 17 & U, 19 & U
4 Game guarantee
3-Point shootout
Free throw contest
Slam dunk contest

Hoop Jam 2021, a 3-on-3 basketball tournament, will take place in Albany at Linn-Benton Community College on August 14, 15, 2021. Hoop Jam is a great way to focus on youth, community building, and character development through an athletic venue. By August, over 50 local businesses and organizations will have been involved as sponsors of Hoop Jam 2021.

We anticipate over 3,000 players and families will be enjoying all that Albany has to offer during the summer weekend, supporting our local businesses. As this event grows in popularity and success, increasing numbers of individuals from across Oregon will be drawn to Albany for future years of Hoop Jam.

As is true for all of the Boys & Girls Club of Albany’s events and programs, the youth are the true benefactors. Without the financial support of individuals and organizations, we would not be able to offer the youth of Albany our very necessary programs and resources.




Pool play schedules will be available online by 12pm Friday, 8/13 at www.albanyhoopjam.com. All team players must check in at the registration table (at Hoop Jam Central), prior to their first game. Check-in will begin Saturday, August 14 at 9:00am.

Each team player receives a player bag which includes:

  • Hoop Jam participant t-shirt
  • Event guide
  • Coupons from local businesses
  • Map layout of Hoop Jam
  • Gatorade

Who benefits from Hoop Jam?

All proceeds from Hoop Jam will be used for the benefit of the very necessary programs at the Boys & Girls Club of Albany. The Boys & Girls Club is a tax exempt 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization serving over 4,000 children and young adults. The Club provides a diverse program for school-age youth including the arts, computer education, athletic teams, teen center, recreation, tutoring and much more!

Make sure to register by 8/4/2021!

Unless specifically addressed in Hoop Jam rules, NFHS high school rules apply.

Number of Players

  • Games are played with 3 players
  • Games may start with 2 players
  • Maximum of 4 players on a roster
  • Any number of players may complete the game (3, 2, or 1)

Court Measurements/Ball Size

  • Basket Heights:

–           8’ for 5-7 year olds

–           9’ for 9 & U

–           10’ for all others

  • Ball Size:

–           27.0” for 5-7 year old division

–           Intermediate (28.5”) for all girls, 9U boys, and 11U boys

–           Regulation for all other divisions

Note: Teams may agree on the ball to use, if no agreement, official Hoop Jam ball will be used

  • Free Throw Line: 10’ for 5-7 year olds, 12’ for 9U, 15’ for all other divisions
  • The basket structure, padding and all supports will be played as out-of-bounds. The actual backboard, including its face, top, bottom and sides shall be considered in-bounds

Game Times

  • Team not ready to play at the scheduled game time will be given a 5-minute grace period before a forfeit is enforced possession/jump ball
  • A coin toss will determine the first possession of the game; alternating possessions thereafter.
  • Home team captain calls ‘heads’ or ‘tails’ while the coin is in the air
  • No jump balls – possession will alternate after initial coin toss scoring/timing
  • Inside the 19’ arc – 1 pt, outside arc – 2 pts
  • Free throws – 1 pt
  • Games are played the first team to 20 points wins (9U & 5-7 year olds to 15 points). May win by 1
  • Game time is 20 minutes (9U & 5-7 year olds is 15 minutes), running clock
  • If at the end of regulation time no team has scored 20 (or 15 for 9U & 5-7 year olds) points, the team leading will be declared the winner


  • If the score is tied after time has expired, overtime will be played
  • In overtime, the first team to score 3 points wins
  • A coin toss will determine the first possession in overtime
  • No timeouts during overtime fouls
  • Fouls excluding offensive fouls result in one free throw, except on successful field goals, in which case the basket counts and no free throw is awarded
  • When fouled on a 2 pt. attempt, 2 free throws will be given
  • No one will line up to rebound free throws
  • After free throw attempt (make or miss) there is a change of possession
  • During free throw attempt(s) clock doesn’t stop


Final Two Minutes:

  • The 5 second rule is in affect (offense must shoot, dribble, or pass after 5 seconds to avoid stalling)
  • When shooting free throws, the shooter has 10 seconds to shoot once they receive the ball from the official.
  • *Note: 2&2 Rule – During the last 2 minutes of the game all fouls are 2 shots and possession changes, if foul is on a shot attempt a standard “and one” scenario will be in play.


Key Violations

  • There will be NO “3 sec. in the key” violations
  • No visible jewelry of any kind – must be taped. No studded rings, this is a safety issue intentional/flagrant/technical fouls
  • An intentional foul results in one free throw and possession of the ball
  • A flagrant foul results in one free throw (or two if a 2 pt. attempt), possession of the ball and the ejection of the player committing the foul
  • Technical fouls are 2 shots & keep possession
  • 2 team unsportsmanlike technical fouls receives tournament ejection


  • Substitutions may be made during any dead ball situation
  • Each team is allowed 1 one-minute timeout. Clock stops during timeout
  • No timeout during overtime
  • Timeout with free-throws – clock does not start until free throws  are done/change of possession.

Ball Out-of-Bounds/Check-In

  • The ball must be “checked” by the opposing player after all dead ball situations at the top of the key, including a ball out bounds
  • To begin play the ball must be passed from behind the 2 point arc.
  • No defensive player may occupy area beyond the 2 point arc when the ball is being put into play

Change of Possession

  • The ball will change possession after every made basket
  • The ball must be passed or dribbled back to behind the 2 point arc after each change of possession, regardless of whether or not a shot was attempted or a shot hit the rim. Failure to do so results in loss of possession and any made baskets
  • No “free-backs”
  • Taking-it back means all three points (ball and two feet) are behind the 2 point arc.


  • No dunking is allowed during warm-ups or during the game. Violations result in a technical foul – 2 free throws and retain possession

Player Injury

  • In case of injury, notify the court supervisor. If play has stopped because of injury, the player must be removed from the game at least until the next dead ball situation
  • If a player has lost consciousness during the game, they will not be allowed to continue play.