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Staff Ext. Email Title
John Andersen 218 Executive Director
Ron Loney 203 Alumni Director
Maya Perez 210 Director of Operations
Carrie Harrington 209 Donor Database Administrator
Samantha Jordan 207 Director of Program Development
Liz Tilson-Ramirez 258 Events Coordinator & Donor Relations Director
Tessa Matthews 220 Donor Relations Coordinator
Chandler Bowman 215 1st-3rd Grade Program Director
Tino Barreras 204 4th-5th Grade Program Director & Volunteer Coordinator
Scott Withers 254 Director of Teen Services
Ryan Lamm 201 Athletic Director
Kim Baker 216 Assistant Athletic Director
Molly Morse 202 Public Health Director
Kristi Pitts 206 Bookkeeper
Matt Harris 205 Director of Graphic Design & Technology

1215 SE Hill Street,
Albany, OR 97322

(541) 926-6666
Fax 541-926-0531